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  • Helping IT Help You

    Working with IT support can be overwhelming. When working with a computer, at some point you will need some help.
  • Migrating from Windows Server 2003 is not optional—it's a necessity

    Microsoft has announced it will no longer support Windows Server 2003 after July 14, 2015. The risk of running outdated, unsecure, and non-compliant infrastructure and software is too great to ignore.
  • Join us for a Business Affair at the Redding Civic Auditorium on Friday, December 12th

    We’ll be in Booth 14. Stop by and say hi. Also, drop off your business card to enter our drawing for a Jambox!
  • 7 steps for safer surfing

    You might not think about it when you're browsing the web, shopping online and interacting on social media, but you are the first line of defense against cyber security risks.
  • What Data are You Willing to Lose?

    Data may have always been the unsung hero at the heart of businesses, but now more than ever it's in the spotlight.
  • How Security Pays Off

    Network security has become a requirement for businesses, especially those that rely on the Internet. Your customers, vendors and business partners probably expect you to protect any information they share with you.
  • Schedule your emails in Outlook using Delay Delivery

    If you've ever been irritated (or – ahem – irritated others) by getting a rash of emails at 2am from that co-worker who never seems to sleep, then the Delay Delivery option in Outlook comes to the rescue.
  • 5 Things You Need to Do to Take Your Business Paperless

    Have you ever noticed an airline pilot lugging a black briefcase on their way to the next flight? That's soon to be a thing of the past, as the cockpit will now be a paperless workspace for Delta pilots, with all Delta cockpits projected to be paperless by the end of 2014.
  • Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security

    It seems like website hacks and data breaches are constantly in the news these days. While the growing size of these breaches increases the probability that each of us could be affected, we often forget that we haven't taken simple, every day precautions.
  • Are you protecting your customer data?

    Once upon a time, the only person worrying about securing customer data might have been the grizzled IT veteran in the company’s basement cubicle. Customers seldom thought twice about how their data was protected, and many businesses didn’t either. Security was simply not high priority, and for most people, not a problem [1, 2].